Reasons People Get Forehead Acne

Forehead acne is extremely common, particularly for those who have very active jobs. There are a lot of reasons people get acne, but there are a few simple reasons people get forehead acne that you can fix if you know what you are looking for and what to do about it.


According to, the experts on forehead acne, there are two big reasons why men and women get forehead acne that they may not realize: for men it is wearing a baseball hat, and for women it is wearing make-up.

The reason these two items contribute to forehead is actually the same. Namely, the forehead has very tiny pores that are easily blocked by dirt and oils. Blocked pores cause breakouts, so as you can imagine this is not a great scenario.

For make-up, an easy fix is to switch over to a non oil-based brand. Oils are very good at blocking pores, and many make-up brands use oil as the base that holds their make-up together. Switch over to a lightweight water-based make-up and watch your forehead acne miraculously improve!

For hats, just make sure your hat is clean as best as you can. Get a couple hats so you can rotate between them. Perhaps more importantly, always wash off your face with an emphasis on your forehead before putting on the hat. You want to make sure the pores are clear before wearing the hat as this will help prevent them from getting blocked up by the physical contact of the hat brim on the forehead.

As a final suggestion, be sure to cleanse the skin regularly and wash your face a couple times a day. Never leave make-up on overnight and run your hats in the washer once in awhile to maintain your acne plan!

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