Five Different Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

In this article, you are going to discover the five primary stomach ulcer symptoms. These are major 5 things that could happen to you when you get an ulcer, but sometimes there are a few additional symptoms.

The first symptom is stomach pain which burns. This often is at its peak when you are on a completely empty stomach. This is because with no food in the stomach to digest your stomach actually gets injured by your stomach acid.

The second of the stomach ulcer symptoms is pain which subsides after eating. This is like the opposite effect of what is happening in the first symptom. If your pain gets better after eating, this is important to know because most other stomach problems get worse after eating, as eating stimulates many of the digestive organs to start working.

The third stomach ulcer symptoms is blood in the stool. This is not red blood, which is a big mistake people make. Rather, the blood is black. The reason for this is because when your blood gets digested, it turns black and sticky. This will pass through the digestive system and enter the stool. Red blood in the stool indicates a colon or rectum issue, which is much later in the digestive system than where ulcers normally occur.

The fourth stomach ulcer symptom is getting woken up in the middle of the night with stomach pain. Usually the digestive system is inactive at night, so other types of stomach problems and pains rarely occur at night. However, as mentioned earlier, at night the stomach is completely empty.

The final symptom that you might run into is nausea. Any sort of injury to the stomach can lead to nausea and an ulcer is no exception, so that is not too surprising.

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