A Proper Lose The Back Pain Review

Lose The Back Pain is the flagship product of Jesse Cannone’s Healthy Back Institute. In this Lose The Back Pain review, I will be revealing to you the truth about this product and whether or not it works.

This product is based off of something known as muscle balance therapy. The idea here is that muscular imbalances cn change the body’s posture and result in putting extra stress on the joints. This can lead to back pain and joint damage.

The idea is pretty simple really: take a look at the hips and pelvis. They can be tilted forwards, backwards, or side to side, depending on which muscle you can contract. In theory, if one side was more dominant than the others, the hips could be permanently out of neutral alignment. Something like this could cause some serious back pain.

The hips are just one joint though. If you follow the LoseTheBackPain system, you will be asked to examine pictures of yourself so that you can see what joints are out of alignment. You are then taught a variety of therapy-like exercises based on your results.

To keep it brief, it is probably the best therapy system out there that does not involve the most advanced aspects of pain neuroscience. The problem is that this program does not address centralized pain, or pain that is the result of unusual processing of information in the brain, and instead only caters towards peripheral pain, which is pain generated locally at the site of the injury.

In any case of chronic back pain, it is usually a bit of both. As a result, nearly everyone who uses the system and follows through with it will at least get some level of relief, which is great news and makes the product a good choice.

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