A Brand New Starcraft 2 Guide

Starcraft 2 is a competitive game. In fact, it just might be the most competitive multiplayer PC game on the market right now. Players are pitted head to head in 1v1 matches where someone wins and loses in every game. Each time you win or lose, your rank goes up and down. You are constantly matched against evenly ranked opponents so you always get a great game going.


However, losing is no fun, and in Starcraft 2, you are going lose quite often. Fortunately, if you want to get wins in Starcraft 2, then you are in luck: a brand new Starcraft 2 guide has emerged on the scene. At OsirisSC2guide.com, you can literally find everything you need to become an excellent Starcraft 2 player.

If you want to unlock tons of achievements, then this site is a great place to be. It comes with video guides and walkthroughs for all the achievements in-game so you can easily get all the portraits and unit points associated with each campaign.

If you want strategies, then visit any of their guides on Protoss, Terran, or Zerg. You will find full sets of strategies, build orders, and tips that you can use to win ranked matches. These builds do require practice but the more you work them and the more games you play the better and better you will become.

Additionally, there are a lot of great general guides like their APM guide. The APM guide is designed to help improve the rate at which you can interact with the computer, which is a big boon to Starcraft 2 players as anyone who plays SC2 needs a high APM. APM or actions per minute is just a measure of how many actions you take in a game. Great players have high APMs and new players often struggle with this. Osiris’ SC2 guide provides players with simple and reliable means for increasing their APM.

Finally, this guide is easy to read and works for both new and advanced players. Many great gamers are poor writers so it is uncommon to find these two qualities together in one good gaming site.

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